Below you’ll find the stories of people from around the world who have completed our training or been coached by us and changed their lives in the process.

Curious if our training works? We’ll let our students’ stories speak for themselves.

Signed two deals in his first month and made over $83,000 in first 2 months online!

Nathanael E.
Athens, Georgia, United States

Nathanael's Results After 2 Months in the 4 Month Program

Went from no bookings to 95% occupancy immediately after implementing BNB Bootcamp strategies!

Tracy T.
Dallas, Texas, United States

Started two units and made $4400 his first month online!

Vitaly S.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Increased income by $3000/mth while working less in his first 30 days!

Gaël K.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Doubled their short term rental portfolio and tripled their profit in just 3 months!

Kaylan & Joseph S.
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Made $4000 in 24 hours after just 1 coaching call!

Jesse L.
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Secured deal on a 10-bedroom Victorian house with ease after one call!

Matthew D.

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Financially free before 30 years old!

Josh & Paige
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Michael and Katrina of BNB Bootcamp have a wealth of knowledge in the short term rental industry. They provide valuable guidelines, checklists and important information that is required to launch a short term rental business. They are extremely accessible and always answer your questions in a timely manner. The support I have received from them has saved me a tremendous amount of time and it has been such a pleasure working with them!

Five stars all around for BNB Bootcamp!!!

Lana W.
Edmonton, AB

So impressed with BNB Bootcamp, they exemplify pure professionalism, utmost customer experience and have a pulse on short term rentals like no other. Highly recommend anything they represent and stand behind, you will always be pleasantly surprised which is hard to come by these days....!

Linda C.
Edmonton, AB

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